pAintinGs, pORtraits, dOOdling, drAWing pAintinGs, pORtraits, dOOdling, drAWing

Alan Holding His Breath In Green Trunks On Thursday


‘Alan Holding His Breath In Green Trunks On Thursday' 

An original painting on reclaimed window with beautiful double layered mid-century glass.

The frame comes complete with original knocks and scrapes, carefully kept in tact when restoring. I love it when an object has signs of age and history and layer upon layer of paint. This is something impossible to recreate and important to me to keep as part of the overall piece.

Crayon, acrylic & gouache on glass, in reclaimed window frame. The dappled shadow of the painted swimmers and swirly water marks that appear on the wall are lovely to look at too when hung.

29cm x 56cm.