pAintinGs, pORtraits, dOOdling, drAWing pAintinGs, pORtraits, dOOdling, drAWing

the new baby, signed copy


Signed copy with original drawing to go with it (see 'complimentary doodle' image for examples).

Having a new baby in the family is an exciting adventure. 

Big sister Edith tells us the story of her first year together with baby Albert - from his arrival to his first birthday party. And she describes all the baby noises too - from splashy-splashy bath time to wobbly-wobbly first steps, and not forgetting the windy pops!

Published by Pavilion, 2018. Age guide 3 - 6.

"a charming, true-to-life tale of their blossoming relationship and packed with Lisa’s signature joyful comedy" Books With Baby.

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