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Leafy Leaf Concertina Book
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Leafy Leaf Concertina Book

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We’re in the throws of a wonderfully colourful autumn and the leaves are magnificent.

Here’s a colour, cut and stick project inspired by these marvellous hues, with a 'collage' nod to Henri Matisse.

BITS you need: 

Scissors (and a grown up to help with the cutting)

Paper (one A4 sheet of white, other bits of printer paper, old envelopes, whatever you have to hand)

A variety of pens, crayons, paint sticks, colouring in pens in autumnal colours

Glue stick


1. Take your sheet of paper A4 and fold in half lengthways. Cut in half then stick together to make a long strip. Fold into a concertina with each fold around 7cm apart, and set aside for later. I ended up with 8 'pages' in my folded book.

2. Colour sections on your paper with your pens and pencils, each colour block slightly bigger than 7cm x 10cm. Try to vary the texture here and there, and have a go at layering a couple of colours on top of each other on some. 

3. Draw a leaf shape slightly smaller than one of the pages in your concertina book, and cut out. This will be your LEAF guide. Using your guide and with a little help from a grown up, cut out 8 leaves and a stem for each leaf too.

4. Stick a leaf (with matching stem) to each page in your concertina book. Voila!

A colourful CARD (of sorts) to send in the post, or maybe have a go at inventing a leafy story/ poem or limerick to write on the back!

Here's a super quick time-LAPSE to show you how I got on:

For different leaf shapes see examples below:

Lisa x