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Creative Doodling - Workshops For The Workplace
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Creative Doodling - Workshops For The Workplace

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Boost your team's creativity, productivity and focus with my gloriously quirky guided doodling workshops, on site or via zoom.
It's the perfect opportunity to spend time with your colleagues in a fun and relaxed environment, whilst unlocking the many benefits of doodling, and I'll show you that anyone can draw!   
My workshops are tailored around your team's size, objectives and if desired a specific theme. I'll guide you through my tried and tested doodling techniques to abandon day to day constraints, calm the mind and unlock creative thinking.
As technology forecaster and futurist, Alex Soojung-Kim Pang, perfectly puts it "[Doodling, as a form of active rest], allows our minds to wonder and find solutions that have eluded the conscious mind, creating a-ha moments that wouldn't have happened at our desks."
It's the perfect way to find quiet, allowing you to connect ideas, thoughts and concepts and create more innovative thinking. Ever notice how the best ideas often happen when we're staring out of a window on a plane or cleaning the house? Doodling heightens this same pathway. 
Now, more than ever employees are feeling burnt out, uninspired and disenamoured with their workplace. My doodling workshops are a great way to re-engage your team in a playful, low pressure, environment where it's all about the process and not the output. 
“An hour and a half of sheer creativity....obvs that is all relative! But that is ok and even the non artistic (thats me) has fun...lots of life time to worry about mistakes...make the best of what you put down on paper...better to do than don' surprised at how things can turn out” Carol Kinch 

“It sounds daft, as I’m in an Art room working 2 days a week, but I actually felt like a creative after this session - thank you!” Alex Carlile

“Really enjoyed the class! Drawing has always been a block for me, like math, but I am very creative and have found that doodling is a way in to drawing for me that can loosen me up and maybe eventually break down this block” A Creative Doodler


For me, drawing is my escape. My go-to. My sanctuary. It calms me down regardless of what else is going on. It relaxes me and helps me to straighten out the muddle in my head and see a little more clearly.

I’ve been drawing for a long time (since I could pick up a pencil my mum used to say, so thats 40 years +) and as a creative who’s worked professionally in the industry for over 25 years I can confidently say ‘creative block’ never disappears. It’s drawing that loosens me up, stretches the creative strings, unblocks the flow. 

It’s not necessarily a pretty outcome BUT I know that when I allow myself to relax into it and give my mind the space to wonder, that’s when the cogs start to whirl again. That’s the aim, that’s the goal, a bit of subconscious time out for the brain to be able to soften and get back into its stride.

Please do get in touch if you'd like to know more.