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Creative Doodling - Single Workshop - PARTY


Take some time and enjoy a glorious hour and a half of reassuringly soothing guided-drawing. Recorded for you to enjoy when it suits you.

This session will be emailed as a worksheet pack and video link. A Creative Doodling 'postcard', for you to email or print out if you're buying this as a gift, will be attached too.

I'll steer you along the way in this relaxed workshop, and you can experience the many benefits of doodling, where you'll discover that it's the process, and not necessarily the outcome, that counts.

There’s inspiration, exploration, mixed media, fun, birdsong and no pressure whatsoever. 12 prompts over a relaxing 90 minutes for you to work on at your own pace as many times as you like.


There are dOOdling KITS available to buy to go with the workshops, or there is a list of recommended tools & favourite things below:

Essentials include; a pen, pencil, felt tips, crayons, chalk, scissors, glue, and a pile of paper (the more varied the better).

Favourites include; Kitpas Rice Wax Crayons, Rico NEON paint, China marker, watercolour tablet set (Winsor & Newton are top notch if you really get into it), paint brushes (two or three varied sizes and tips), quality coloured pencils (Faber-Castell or Derwent are great pencil purveyors), and a decent pencil sharpener (my fave is the no nonsense utilitarian Bakelite pencil sharpener from Present & Correct, in green!).

TOP TIP; save any paper recycling and roughly snip into A4/A5/A6 sized pieces ready to doodle on. Cereal boxes, flour bags, cardboard tomato trays, brown paper packaging etc etc etc... Too creased? Don't worry! Whizz it under a medium iron to flatten a bit, or just embrace the creases. Always makes for a more interesting drawing in my opinion!



Drawing is a place you can go to even just for 5 minutes. It’s enough of a focus to clear the mind and be totally absorbed by the process. And for this purpose it’s the process that counts, not the outcome. When you give in and just let the pencil take hold, thats when the magic happens.

And you don’t have to be an expert doodler for this to be a benefit. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. The number one comment when folk finish a ‘doodling’ workshop is “I feel so much better”.

I wanted to share this feeling with you. 

What the dOOdlers say

“An hour and a half of sheer creativity....obvs that is all relative!! But that is ok and even the non artistic (thats me) has fun...lots of life time to worry about mistakes...make the best of what you put down on paper...better to do than don' surprised at how things can turn out...laugh and Lisa will laugh with you (she is probably already laughing at herself...🤓” Carol Kinch

“It was an absolute joy!! And I’m SO happy with all the crazy things I created… not to mention absolutely BURSTING with ideas for doodles going forward!! So much gorgeous inspiration - I seem to be creating a ‘two minute texture’ for speedy collage at least once a day!! Thanks so much for all Lisa, Can’t WAIT for this week!!” Toni Bayham

“What a brilliant night Lisa! Who knew a Zoom could be so much fun!” Pauline Hutchinson

“It was my first class on Thursday evening. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it… I’m really looking forward to the next one”. A fellow doodler.

“Thank you for a wonderful workshop, this is just what I needed!”. Susan Kane

“It sounds daft, as I’m in an Art room working 2 days a week, but I actually felt like a creative this evening - thank you!” Alex Carlile

“Really enjoyed the class tonight! Drawing has always been a block for me, like math 😊 But I am very creative and have found that doodling is a way in to drawing for me that can loosen me up and maybe eventually break down this block 💗 Looking forward to next week!” A Creative Doodler

“THANK YOU for such a great series of workshops!” Kim Morris

“Thank you so much for the Summer term of Creative Doodling - it has been the best art/drawing/creative thing ever and exactly what I had been looking for!” Stephanie Jarosova

“Your sessions have been a game changer” Lisa Pickford

“Thank you so much for your doodling classes, I absolutely love them and am looking forward to the autumn term!” Gaëlle Bertro

“I so enjoyed your classes. You are a great creative artist and wonderful teacher. Thank you” Sharon Lindström Gayan