pAintinGs, pORtraits, dOOdling, drAWing pAintinGs, pORtraits, dOOdling, drAWing

Little Notebook - Dotty & Alan - A6 Lined


An A6 notebook with 48 various 'old lined paper' pages inside.

To take away the FEAR of a 'blank sheet of paper' you'll find each page in this notebook to be anything from the back-of-an-envelope, brown paper packaging or  'old school exercise-book' lined (and occasional dotty) 'parchment'. 

I love found, aged paper. It provides such a nice starting point to draw or write onto. SO I rifled through all of my found-paper boxes, and had sheets and sheets of them beautifully reprinted onto 135gsm uncoated recycled paper. It's perfect for writing on and works very well in these notebooks. I hope you like it too.