pAintinGs, pORtraits, dOOdling, drAWing pAintinGs, pORtraits, dOOdling, drAWing

KIT Bag & Doodling Book- DOGS


A-Back-Of-An-Envelope Doodling Book, the reassuringly soothing guided drawing album. Packed in a wonderfully sturdy paper bag (tied up with string) filled with drawing KIT!

The kit includes award-winning Kitpas crayons, watercolour paints & brush, chinagraph pencil, HB pencil, coloured pencils, handwriting pen, and for cutting and sticking, scissors, glue, and most importantly a Tunnocks biscuit! It's everything you'll need for your doodling days!

A drawing a day blows the cobwebs away.

Filled with 32 doodle prompts in a 96 page sketchbook (of sorts). Each page has a 'found aged, paper' feel for you to doodle/draw and re-draw on, hopefully taking away the FEAR of the dreaded 'blank sheet of paper' allowing you to just play. For those who like draw but sometimes just don’t know where to start.

Life can throw a lot at you. There are ups and downs, people come and go, chapters begin and end.

Like everyone, my life is evolving on an undulating path. One thing that has always been a constant, however, is drawing…

Drawing is a place you can go to even just for 5 minutes. It’s enough of a focus to clear the mind and be totally absorbed by the process. And for this purpose it’s the process that counts, not the outcome. When you give in and just let the pencil take hold, thats when the magic happens.

And you don’t have to be an expert doodler for this to be a benefit. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. The number one comment when folk finish a ‘doodling’ workshop is “I feel so much better”.

I wanted to share this feeling with you. Hopefully this does the trick!

I hope you like it ☺️

Book size A5

"Such a great tool to help manage low mood and anxiety. Gives you the opportunity to add a manageable amount of mindful activity to your day to day life helping to ground both body and mind". Anna Jones BABCP, Accredited CBT Therapist.

"It is just ace - love it!" A happy customer.

"Just as glorious as I imagined it would be!" A happy doodler.

“Lisa Stickley’s ‘A Back-Of-An-Envelope Doodling Book’ is great. So simple, but the creative ideas and prompts are just enough to get me motivated to do a little something every day. It gets you past that blank page anxiety, and right into having a little fun with art instead.” Andrea LoPinto

“It’s a beautiful book that will bring me great joy and calmness, especially when my brain is whirring!” Jane Day